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Steve Rosenblum, owner of SMR Collectibles


Steven Rosenblum has been passionate about buying and selling sports cards since he was in middle school. While he received his accounting degree at Bryant University and an MPac in grad school, he continued his sports card business on the side. After college, he accepted a job at Price Waterhouse Cooper. Working long hours and having little time to travel to card shows, Steven realized what really made him happy: socializing and engaging with people who had similar interests in the sports collectibles business. Traveling all over the East coast, Steven continues to dedicate his time and effort into this hobby-turned-business. He looks forward to talking to and working with each and every customer.


SMR Collectibles has been buying and selling sports cards and memorabilia for over a decade when it was founded by it's owner Steven Rosenblum in 2001.  We are located in Long Island, New York and aren't only willing to travel in New York and New Jersey, but Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania as well! For larger deals, we would fly to any of the 50 states and even Canada! We pride ourselves in our efficiency and customer service, trying to make the customer experience as simple and easy as possible!



We are here to provide collectors of sports cards and autographed memorabilia a unique shopping experience, by offering rare sports collectibles that were buried in private collections. They were unearthed and purchased by us, and brought to the market to sell to you. 

SMR Collectibles is a company that is passionate about the sports card and autograph industry. We are an Ecommerce and in person sales business who are seeking additional product at all times. Our company is based in Amityville, New York.


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