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Lebron James or Michael Jordan?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The ageless question. Lebron James or Michael Jordan? Which player would you rather have on your team in a clutch situation?

As a kid growing up in the 90's Jordan was the man. Lebron, a year older than I am sprung onto the scene in 2003 during his senior year of high school. Leaping right into the NBA, unlike Jordan's path of going to University of North Carolina before entering the NBA, Lebron was an immediate impact.

James has been to two more finals than Michael Jordan, but wears three fewer rings than "His Airness". James a three time NBA champion, four time NBA League MVP and three time NBA Finals MVP.

Air Jordan only went to six NBA finals, but he captured the title in all six championship series. He's a six time NBA finals MVP and a four time NBA League MVP. The accomplishments by both players is astonishing. Jordan also did it all with one team, while James captured two titles with the heat and one with the Cavaliers.

who is your NBA GOAT (Greatest of All-Time) and Why?

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Roger Mathieu
Roger Mathieu
Oct 19, 2020

l think Lebron is the greatest. Jordan played with the same team, had the same player for many years. That way, you form unity. Lebron had to constantly change teammates and team and still manage to perform in a unique and out of this world way. Jordan ""might"" be more talented, but Lebron is a more complete player.

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