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NFL's Best Looking Helmets - All 32 Teams

The National Football League has gone through many changes since the NFL and AFL (American Football League) leagues merged to create what is know today as the NFL. Helmets have changed designs over the years and multiple teams have changed helmet shells throughout the season to wear throwback uniforms until 2013, when the the NFL instituted a one-helmet rule as a safety measure.

As a life-long football fan, I can identify every helmet to the correct team that has ever existed. So here is my list. I will go through each team and give a reason why it's at the spot it is. I will use current helmets that are being worn in today's NFL game.


32. Cincinnati Bengals

Their helmet has always been orange and use to have Bengals written across it in black letters when they began in 1968. In 1981, they went to the black stripes which remained until 1994 when they used the retro helmet with Bengals written out for the 75th NFL anniversary. The stripes returned in 1996 and have remained in place.

The uniforms remind me of Halloween and bore me to death with their year-round pumpkin helmets. A change from the ugly orange Ohio is in love with would be a nice change in the NFL.


31. Jacksonville Jaguars

Another helmet with an unoriginal design of an animal face. The more recent helmets with two colors fading into each other was a nice touch, but still tough helmet design to really fall in love with. The lack of tradition behind the helmet also makes this dome piece drop to the bottom of the list.


30. New England Patriots

The Dynasty that has been for the last couple of decades will have a different appearance this season as their future Hall of Fame quarterback took his talents to Tampa Bay. Though the team roster will look different, they will still be wearing the boring grey helmets with the floating revolutionary soldier's head on it. Their name and logo has become associated with winning, but the the retro helmet with the soldier snapping a football and red /white uniforms is by far their best uniforms.


29. Carolina Panthers

Another helmet with a cat screaming on the side of it. I feel like the Panthers can do so many things with their creature of choice as their nickname, yet they fail horribly to select a quality looking logo for their helmet.

After cutting Cam Newton and loosing Luke Kuechly to retirement, the Carolina Panthers will be taking on a whole new look come Sunday's this fall. I was always a fan of the powder blue home jerseys, but some how the black jerseys have made their way to being the norm.


28. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are very similar to the Patriots. They need to return to their old 1970's uniforms, with the bronco jumping through the capital D. I think the orange uniforms went well with the lighter blue helmets, which was nice, but this helmet is so similar to every helmet in the NFL, a little variety is much appreciated by the NFL fans.

Doing the Color Rush rubbish, the Broncos have played with the old logo using the dark shell, and many people where a fan. I'm a fan of not fixing it if it's not broken.


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