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Retired Veteran Driving a 1952 Willys M38 Jeep Cross Country for Tunnel to Towers Foundation

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

“It is the soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech” - Zell Miller.

Sacrifice is something not many know about these days. Everyone deals with having to sacrifice material items in their life at some point, but we’re discussing sacrificing time and the ultimate price of life. Individuals in the military, police departments, Firehouses, and hospitals sacrifice their time spent with loved ones on a regular basis. These brave men and women in uniform are continually running against the tide of sanctuary, as they tackle danger head-on with one mission in mind - “To Serve and Protect”.

Captain Scott Montefusco, a retired Marine Corps Veteran and Law Enforcement officer of nearly four decades is voluntarily driving across the beautiful United States west coast to the east coast to support the Tunnel to Towers Foundation (

On May 19, 2023, the auction will open with SMR Collectibles as the host for the 1952 Willys M38 Jeep the Captain built and is utilizing to make this incredible journey. Four days after the opening for bidding on the Jeep, on May 23, 2023, Captain Montefusco will begin the 65-day journey from San Francisco to New York City, ending on July 26, 2023.

The “Captain” built and restored two unique vehicles to conduct the “Great American Road Trip for Veterans”.

A 1952 Korean War Willys Jeep, known as “Little Glory” is the vehicle Captain Montefusco will be making this drive across the USA on the same dates as Colonel Horatio Nelson Jackson, a decorated WWI Veteran and one of the founding fathers of The American Legion, who made the same journey 120 years ago in 1903.

“Little Glory” is equipped with a 4-cylinder “Go Devil” Willys L134 engine rebuilt and converted to run on a 12-volt electronic ignition and high torque modern 12-volt starter. The gas tank is a 10-gallon regular fuel tank earning 16 miles per gallon. The Jeep is sitting on original “NDT” Non-Directional Military tires. It’s a 3-speed manual, but additionally equipped with a warn overdrive making this Jeep a truly roadworthy vehicle regardless of its age.

The second vehicle is a restored 1973 vintage Winnebago, which is known as “Marines Dream”, it will be the command post for the “Captain” throughout his trek across the USA, and will also be where he’ll bed down for the evenings. The “Marine Dream” is one of a kind custom wrapped with the American flag bolstering the thin blue and thin red lines in recognition of our Firefighters and Law Enforcement officers lost in the line of duty. On the other side, the Marine Corps flag dons the Winnebago as a proud sentiment to the Captain's service to the Corps. The front of the Winnebago displays our nation’s stars and stripes with the rear of this rolling tribute displaying all the military service flags of our mighty armed forces.

While the Jeep, “Little Glory” is being driven across the United States, it will be at auction with SMR Collectibles & Collectibles Auction House of Amityville, Long Island, NY. In order to make this incredible journey in support of the Tunnel to Towers foundation, the Captain has humbly set up a GofundMe page and placed his beloved Jeep "Little Glory" on the auction block to try to offset the operational cost of conducting this campaign. At the auction's end, the net proceeds of the Jeep’s auction will be donated to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation in support of our military and law enforcement officers and their families. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is a 4-star rated 501c3 charity.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation home mortgage program is building and providing free smart homes for our catastrophically wounded veterans and first responders. T2T has expanded its giving in a new national program aimed at eradicating homelessness by providing housing and services to Veterans who are homeless across all 50 states.

Captain Scott Montefusco’s campaign aims to honor all military veterans and first responders for their service to us all then and now. To educate our youngest generation about the tragic days of 9/11, the post-9/11 illnesses affecting those who served, and finally to share our American history, respect for our nation, and respect for one another, while honoring our American Flag and all she stands for.

While making his tour across the United States, the former FBI agent will be stopping at 56 locations along his route before arriving in New York City at Ground Zero of the World Trade Center. At each stop, he hopes to visit the local members of The Veteran of Foreign Wars posts (VFW) and American Legion halls.

The map of the path Montefusco will be driving.

He’ll be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge scaling the mountain ranges while drifting across the Great Plains and weaving around the Great Lakes to the Hudson River and driving down to The City that Never Sleeps, “Little Glory” will be cruising along many of the greatest geographical views this country has to offer. In addition, the “Captain” will be meeting all the great men and women who have worn the uniform throughout this nation.

The Jeep will have two cameras and GPS attached so that when the “Captain” is speaking on podcasts, viewers can see the Marine talking in addition to the road ahead of him, plus viewers can follow along on the GPS map as Captain Scott Montefusco is traveling.

“Little Glory” will be arriving in New York City on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, at McSorley’s Old Ale House on East 7th Street. After a night of libations and storytelling, Thursday, Captain Scott Montefusco will be heading down to ground zero of the World Trade Center and parking the Jeep in front of FDNY 10 House across from the WTC site and 9/11 Memorial.

Thursday, July 27, will be another great event at O’Hara’s Restaurant and Pub on Cedar Street.

Friday Captain Montefusco will finish the final leg of the journey making his way to his hometown of Setauket, NY, where he will pay tribute to his high school classmate Frank Bonomo, who gave his life while saving others. This final drive to the Setauket Fire House on Long Island will be to have one final event on Saturday, July 29th, and to announce the final winning bid for "Little Glory" the 1952 Willys Jeep that crossed the USA for this great cause.

If you’re a car enthusiast, Jeep Warrior, or history buff, please consider bidding on this 1952 Korean War Willys M38 Military Jeep to help support the “Captain's” effort to donate to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Please follow Captain Scott Montefusco’s journey throughout the USA by following these social media handles and be sure to visit

Support those who have served, past, present, and in the future, to protect the greatest nation in the world’s freedoms. Should you not have room in your garage for this one-of-a-kind special Jeep and still wish to support this important campaign, you may donate directly to the foundation on behalf of the Captain's mission here:

Follow Captain Scott Montefusco throughout the trip via Black Vue. Download the app on your phone as the retired FBI agent will be will have his cameras live for two hours every day throughout the trip.

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