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1.Why should I use SMR Collectibles?

Answer: We are a certified PSA Submission Center.  This gives you a faster turnaround time.  When there are delays in PSA’s system, our orders have priority and can be added to their queue immediately as opposed to waiting to be entered into the PSA system upon arrival.

For those who don’t have the time or knowledge, our concierge services take care of everything, from deciding what to submit and at what declared value, to packaging and shipping.

2.Is there a minimum number of cards necessary for a submission?

Answer: No there is no minimum card amount for a submission.

3.Do I need my cards in any specific holders to submit?

Answer: It is best to have your cards in penny sleeves that are then placed in card savers.  If they are in different cases SMR Collectibles can re-holder them properly for you.

4.How do I get my cards back from SMR Collectibles?

Answer: Once the cards are returned to us you can pick them up or we will contact you and arrange shipping back to you at your expense.

5.How soon can you get my order out to PSA?

Answer: We ship to PSA multiple times a week.

6.Can you guarantee turnaround time?

Answer: No, all turnaround times are not guaranteed and PSA has even stopped providing guidance. 

7.How frequently do you update us on grading status?

Answer: We will update you once your orders have shipped and when they arrive back. we do not issue updates on the progress while at PSA.

8.How do I determine the declared value?

Answer: Declared value is best described as the card’s value if it gets the grade you expect it to get.  We will discuss with you the potential grades of your card(s) and make the determination from that; PSA may upcharge value based on grade.  An upcharge occurs when the card’s value is greater than the maximum value it was submitted at.  This is a good thing!

9.What are the typical PSA upcharges?

Answer: It depends on the service level typically cards may jump a service level or two depending on the grade of higher end items can be $40-$200 per card based on that value.

10.How are the items shipped?

Answer: All items are all shipped through registered and insured mail via USPS. Items sent to us from PSA are all shipped FedEx through our account.

11.How do I know my cards won’t be switched out? 

Answer: The reputational damage associated with this behavior is not worth it. 

12.Why should I trust SMR Collectibles?

Answer: We have a 20+ year reputation as a reputable dealer in the card industry.  Our owner has more than half of his lifetime in this business and isn’t good at doing anything else.

13.Can you evaluate my cards prior to me grading them?

Answer: We can potentially help assess cards and advise which services should be rendered.

14.Do I have to fill out a submission form?

Answer: Yes, all customers must fill out and sign submission forms.

15.Can I submit multiple service levels in the same package?

Answer: Yes, you can have multiple service levels in the same submission.  This may result in your items being returned at different times. Items could be returned at different times or wait until all items are done.

16.What are the grading fees?

Answer: The grading fees vary based on the declared value of the item and desired turnaround time. Each submission is different.  Fees are also subject to change based on our or PSA’s assessment of the items.


17.What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer: Cash, Venmo, PayPal Friend and Family or Zelle.

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