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How to Sell Your Sports Cards & Memorabilia Contact-free:


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, SMR Collectibles is offering a safe way for our clients to sell their sports cards and memorabilia CONTACT-FREE, which will keep you and our employees safe. 

Below we offer three (3) options to sell your collection. Payments can be handed out via Venmo, Paypal, Check, and/or cash. 


Drop Off:

    Drop off your collection at SMR Collectibles at a scheduled time during business hours on metal rolling shelves left outside moments before the scheduled drop off. 

After the collection is dropped off, the SMR Collectibles team will evaluate your collection and contact you with an offer. 

This contact-free method will provide a safe avenue for individuals interested in making cash.

If you'd like to drop off your collection, please fill out the contact us form below. 

Take Photos & Email:

     Take photos of your Sports Card & Memorabilia Collection and send them to, alongside a list highlighting the best items in your collection. 


     Writing out a list of your top items in your collection and sending photos will allow SMR Collectibles to review the collection and appropriately respond with an offer. 

If you're interested in selling your collection and can't drop it off, please send us an email or fill out the contact us form below. 






Mail Your Collection: 

    Mail your collection to SMR Collectibles' office for an evaluation of your collection and receive an offer. Fill out the contact us form below and arrange the mailing. 

SMR Collectibles will evaluate the collection and respond with an offer within three (3) days of receiving the contents.


Once the offer is accepted, SMR Collectibles will 

send the payment via Venmo, Paypal or by check. 

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