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See below to see our most common questions!

Q)  What are SMR Collectibles store hours?


A)   SMR Collectibles is open Monday through  Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Q)  Where is SMR Collectibles located?


A)   We are located in Long Island, New York. The address is 169A New Highway, Amityville, NY.

Please feel free to click the link at the top of our website.

Q)  I'm looking for a job in the sports Cards' industry. Is SMR Collectibles hiring?

A)Absolutely! We are always searching for more knowledgeable men or women that enjoy sports Cards. If you'd like to apply, fill out our application on the hiring page!

Q)  How much would SMR Collectibles purchase my collection for?

A)   SMR Collectibles is willing to pay any amount of money if the deal is worth it! No deal is too large!

Please feel free to send photos via text message to 631-532-5797. 

If you can't send it by way of text, please email us at

Q) Does SMR Collectibles give appraisals?

A)  Yes! If you're not sure how much your collection is worth and would like to find out, go to our Appraisal page and answer our appraisal sheet. For a Fee, We'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Q)  Does SMR Collectibles have a retail store?

A)   No, but if you're looking to purchase any of our thousands of items, go to the SMR Collectibles eBay store for low prices on great products!

Q)  What kind of cards does SMR Collectibles buy?

A) SMR Collectibles buys it all! From vintage cards to autographs to even comic books, TCG, and Pokémon. we buy any and all collections!

b) Do we buy only graded cards? No, we buy raw cards, graded cards, sets, wax, just about everything! 

Q)  I may be located too far from Long Island. Is SMR Collectibles willing to travel to outside of New York for a collection?

A)  SMR Collectibles travels all around the country to purchase collections. We even travel to parts of Canada!

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