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How To Safely Remove A Card From A PSA Graded Holder Case

How many times have you sent a card to PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator), BGS (Beckett Grading Service), or JSA (James Spence Authentication) and received a grade on a card you were not happy with?

Well, you’re not the only one. The problem though is when the card comes back it’s in a plastic case. And, the only way to remove the card is to break the plastic case.

That is where the problem exists when trying to remove the card. Many times the card is ruined when people try to crack the case.

So we’re going to help you through cracking the case.

Before we start, we will need to have a few supplies to successfully retrieve the card unscathed.

  1. Wire Cutters

  2. Flat-head Screwdriver

  3. Soft Sleeve

  4. Top Loader

The wire cutters will be used to crack the case. Once the case is cracked, the flat-head screwdriver will be used to pry open the case. The soft sleeve and the top loader are on stand by to protect the card when its birthed from the card case.

In the YouTube video, I cracked the PSA case to an Eddie George card an employee wanted removed. Using the wire cutters, I crack the side of the case where the PSA label is carefully. Turning the card, I crack the case two more times on the top and then one more time on the other side so that all four cracks are near the PSA label.

I then used the flat-head screwdriver to separate the plastic case, which this time it worked perfectly and I was able to slide the card out of the case. Once out of the case, I placed the Eddie George card into a soft sleeve and then a top loader for my employee.

And, that is how you remove a card from a PSA graded plastic case.

Watch the YouTube video below to watch me crack the case in real time.

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