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Mike Trout Autograph Rookie Card 1/1

Out of the SMR vault comes one of Steve Rosenblum’s most valued cards. A 2012 Mike Trout 1/1 Autographed Rookie Red Refractor. This card is displayed on the SMR Collectibles Instagram page, listed on our eBay store and SMR’s owner, Steven Rosenblum took the time to speak about this card in a brief video on our YouTube channel.

This beautiful card is unique in many ways. It is a BGS graded 9 MINT. In addition to being a ghost online, this 1/1 card with zero comparable cards or sales, has been handled by the multi-time MLB MVP himself. Unlike many autographed cards, there is no sticker on this card.

Meaning, he held it to sign in. Many times cards with stickers, the players just sign rolls of stickers and mail them back. Which removes the player from actually touching the card.

This red refractor rookie card is one of a kind. Since the rarity of this card, the lack of comparative listings online, Steve is asking for $50,000.00 for this eBay listing.

Mike Trout is at the top of the game and many consider him to be one of the greatest, if not, the greatest baseball player to have ever lived.

As the greatest player to ever wear #27, Trout is a three-time MVP, Rookie of the Year, and an 8x All Star. He has over thirteen-hundred career hits, 285 career home runs, and a career batting average of .305.

Now you understand why the value of his baseball cards are so high. Fans are gobbling up everything Mike Trout. And, a 1/1 signed rookie card graded a BGS 9 MINT should be at the top of every collectors wish list.

SMR Collectibles is the most aggressive buyer on the east coast as Owner, Steve Rosenblum seeks out the rarest cards similar to the 2012 Mike Trout Rookie Autographed Red Refractor BGS 9 MINT. Rosenblum is a staple among buyers and sellers at the largest card shows in America. As one of the youngest business owners at the shows, he continues cement foot-posts in the industry.

Rosenblum is actively buying sports card collections and memorabilia. If you’re a collector interested in selling your collection, be sure to contact SMR Collectibles and Steve Rosenblum by email via and by phone at (732)-547-4381.

SMR Collectibles asks you please follow and subscribe to our social media at @smrcollectibles and visit our YouTube channel for many educational videos (/smrcollectiblestv).

If you have suggestions for YouTube videos, please feel free to contact us. If you’re interested in this Mike Trout rookie card, it’s up for sale at $50,000.00 or best offer.

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