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SMR Collectibles Moved 100,000 lbs of Cards & Memorabilia to New Warehouse

Yes, we moved two miles away from our Farmingdale, New York location. Now, located in Amityville, New York. We doubled our warehouse space, which has allowed us to accommodate our customers with a better shopping experience.

"The projection of our company is directed north since relocating to a much larger warehouse. It allows us to expand our business to new levels." said Steve Rosenblum, the owner of SMR Collectibles. After spending two years in our previous warehouse, the rapid growth of SMR Collectibles forced Long Island's leader in Sports Cards and Memorabilia to double the space size. At our last location, shelves were at max capacity and left zero room to bring in new merchandise. Now fully moved into our new residence, we are capable of purchasing merchandise in bulk.

Our YouTube channel is SMR Collectibles TV. You can start by following this link (Click Here) and subscribing to our channel. Every Friday we plan to drop a new video alongside our newsletter. Make sure you visit our website to subscribe to our newsletter. Below is a few select videos with a brief description displaying the wide variety of videos we publish on our YouTube channel.

Many of the Videos we create are educational videos that will help our customers better understand the Sports cards industry, plus, we answer many questions buyers and sellers have. Our YouTube channel is young, growing and learning along the way.

This video above is about how to break cards out of the plastic holder grading companies use. After a card is submitted to a grading company (PSA, BGS, SGC), many customers don't receive the grade they expect. This will lead to card owners wanting to crack their cards out of the plastic, but don't know how without damaging their cards. Watch Steve Rosenblum above to learn how to remove the card safely from the plastic.

The video above is about the one and only one-of-one 2012 Bowman Sterling Mike Trout Rookie Autograph Red Refractor. Steve Rosenblum speaks about this card in the video and why the Mint 9 BGS graded card is worth $50,000. As anyone knows in the sports card industry. Mike Trout is one of, if not, the hottest athletes selling in the card industry. Watch the video and learn about the card and if you know anyone interested in purchasing the card, contact SMR Collectibles by visiting our website.

In another "How To" video, Steve Rosenblum shows off two Peyton Manning Rookies and explains how to remove the cards from a BGS plastic case. Learning how to remove the cards and not damage them is important. Watch the "How To" video and inform us if it helped you.

Our channel is growing and always in need of ideas for videos. If you have questions or comments about what we should film, please leave a comment on this article.

Make sure to follow the blog as we plan to drop a new one each week alongside our newsletter. What do you want to hear and read?

Make sure to follow us on social media at @SMRcollectibles and visit our website at

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