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The Tom Brady Super Bowl 51 Jersey Heist.

Ever wonder How Tom Brady got his Super Bowl 51 Jersey back after it was stolen from his locker? Turns out the FBI retrieved it from Mexico City, Mexico. A Mexican reporter covering the Super Bowl snagged the jersey right out of Brady's bag inside his locker. This man is a die-hard sports memorabilia collector and NFL fanatic. If it wasn't for him bragging about his collection to another collector online, no one would have ever been able to locate this jersey in another country.

​​Turns out the Mexican federal police and the FBI worked together to retrieve Brady's Super Bowl 51 jersey. Not only did they get what they came looking for, Mauricio Ortega also had Brady's Super Bowl 49 jersey and Von Miller's Super Bowl 50 game helmet.

I find this interesting because this collector intended on selling these stolen items when he attended the National Sports Collectors Convention. It shows the importance of buyers to ask the correct question when they believe any item may have been stolen. Asking these questions will help locate the stolen items to the original owners, as well as prevent the buyer from losing money on the items they buy after it has been confiscated by the authorities.

Watch the video below to view the Heist of Tom Brady's Super Bowl Jersey and its return.

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