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Tom Brady Football From First NFL Touchdown Pass Going Up For Auction

Tom Brady once again is making headlines. The football that Brady threw to complete his first touchdown pass in the NFL is going up for auction with Lelands on Sunday.

This piece of memorabilia has been with the seller since the game on October 14, 2001, when the New England Patriots played the San Diego Chargers. The seller wishes to remain anonymous.

According to ESPN, the seller grew up in Rhode Island and has gone to Patriots games since the late 1970s with his family.

The football is unsigned by the future Pro Football Hall of Famer. Brady’s first touchdown pass came in his third game as a starter.

At 4:01 remaining in the first half, tied at three, the ball placed just outside the redzone on the 21-yard line. Junior Seau steps up to the line of scrimmage, appearing to blitz. Brady under center takes a five step drop. Seau drops into coverage. Brady looks right, down the middle, holds the safety and looks left throwing a 21-yard dart to Terry Glenn on the Out Route in the front corner of the end zone.

According to ESPN, Lelands has photo-verified the football based on markings and writing on the football that was specific to the Patriots at the time. A photographer captured images of the football with its laces out while Glenn celebrated with his hands in the air while holding the ball.

Lelands sold the infamous football from the Patriots’ AFC Championship Game defeat of the Colts in 2014, after which New England was accused of deflating footballs to gain an edge. That football sold for $43,740 in July 2015.

As the market is at its peak, the timing is right to get top dollar for this type of memorabilia. A Tom Brady Panini Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket rookie card for $2.25 million in April, which broke the record for the highest-selling football card.


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