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Getting My Sports Memorabilia Collection JSA Authenticated and Selling It On Consignment.

As I am sitting on the couch brainstorming ways to earn extra spending cash, I see all the sports memorabilia on my shelves and walls. My apartment isn’t large and my girlfriend is moving in. She already mentioned she’d like to relocate my sports memorabilia to the spare bedroom and out of the living room. I know all too well I won’t win this battle and I have to figure something out for my collection.

The collection is made up of numerous college and professional mini helmets autographed by athletes and legendary coaches I’ve met over the years. In addition to the mini helmets, I have several signed 8x10 action photos framed hanging on the wall adjacent to the shelves. The entire collection of memorabilia has about 50 to 60 items total.

I knew I needed to find a new home for my sports treasures, as reluctant as I was. I planned on retaining a select few items and selling the rest. So I hopped onto google and began doing some research into the value of these items. After an hour of browsing I realized I will need a professional to help me. The next search I checked on google was for sports card shops. That’s when I came across SMR Collectibles located in Amityville on Long Island. The reviews met my standards as they have a 4.8 star rating on google.

After visiting SMR Collectibles’ website I filled out the contact form. Within 24 hours I was contacted via email by the SMR Collectibles’ staff. I made an appointment and brought my stuff in. I was instructed to get my items all authenticated by JSA. I left my items with SMR Collectibles after filling out simple paper work, I received a call about a month later letting me know my items have been authenticated.

I returned to SMR Collectibles and decided to consign the items I was not keeping. SMR Collectibles guided me through the entire process. They took a fair fee for consigning the items. Once I finished filling out the consignment agreement, I just waited for the items to sell. Once all the items have sold, SMR Collectibles wrote me a check for the amount I was owed. I now have thousands of dollars in my account.

Getting my items all authenticated by JSA increased the value of the items I consigned, which in turn made me more money per item. If you have sports memorabilia as well, and you have any intention of ever selling it, contact SMR Collectibles to get your sports memorabilia authenticated. JSA visits their office nearly once a month. It will be well worth it.


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