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When a grading company grades your card (regardless of the grade) they are also guaranteeing the authenticity of the card. There are many fake cards floating around. As technology advances and the value of cards keeps going up, this problem will not go away anytime soon. Another issue addressed in the grading process is card alteration. Cards can be trimmed in order to have sharper edges and better centering. The grading process also uncovers whether a card has been altered from its original form.




A graded card leaves little room for opinion. It is a known commodity whose value can be looked up at any time. If your goal is to sell quickly, grading can help a lot. Grading is also very useful in calculating the total value of your collection.




A card that grades a 9 or 10 will almost always sell for more than an ungraded version of that card. The grading process locks in that value for you. For older cards, a grade of 7 or 8 may be enough to add significant value over the raw card.




Graded cards are encapsulated in hard plastic cases, providing protection from pressure and most damage. Unless you experience a fire or flood, there is little reason to doubt the integrity of the case.




The cases a graded card is put in are tamper evident. Once the original seal between the two pieces of plastic is broken, it can not be resealed. That means any attempt to open and reseal the case will be visible to the naked eye. The labels also have multiple embedded security features to indicate various forms of tampering. PSA, for example, makes use of fugitive ink and holograms.




When your card is graded it is assigned a unique identification number by the grading company. You can then go to the grading company’s website and use this number to look up price histories and population reports.


If you are interested in getting your cards graded. Please contact SMR Collectibles today. We are an official PSA Dealer. One of only 230 in the world. Individuals can no longer submit cards for grading. All customers MUST use a dealer. We are located on Long Island, New York. Contact us at (631) 532-5797 and/or by email at

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