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Welcome to SMR Collectibles Concierge Partnership Consignment Service

Welcome to SMR Collectibles' concierge partnership. The gold standard of consignment. Through transparency SMR Collectibles' elite experts deliver an unparalleled client experience. Our autonomous provides avenues in a unique way only SMR Collectibles can provide. 

Photos of Collections



Step One: Processing Intake

​The first step of processing the collection is intake:

  • This is when we sort the items by general category such as trading cards, memorabilia, photos, publications, stamps, coins, and needs to be researched.

  • For the items needing research, we tap into our network of experts, although it is rare that we are stumped on an item.  

  • Within each category, there is further separation.  For example, some cards we will sell individually, and other cards will be grouped into lots.  

  • We may also submit some cards for grading.  This is only done when we are confident the grading expense will be covered by the increase in value from the grade.  

  • Autographed items will be looked at as well to determine which should be authenticated.  

  • We have relationships with companies like PSA and JSA and can get grading and authentication done quickly.  

  • If you have very high-end items we have other auction houses we partner with to ensure your item gets the attention it deserves and its value is maximized.  


Our Auction Process

​The cornerstone of our process is the reverse auction method.  A description and example follow.

  • A reverse auction is an online auction in which the roles of the buyer and seller are reversed. 

  • In a conventional auction, buyers compete to obtain goods or services by offering increasingly higher prices. 

  • In a reverse auction, the seller sets the starting price. By setting a starting price and taking advantage of the bidding process, consignors can make sure they get the best deal for their items. 

  • There is also the possible upside that bidders will drive the price up above the starting price.  

  • If the item is not sold it will be slightly discounted (generally no more than 10% at a time) and the auction will be run again.  

  • Many auctioneers start their bids at 99 cents as a marketing tool.  

  • We have learned through experience that this process often leads to disappointing outcomes.  

  • There is almost always a buyer for every item, and starting at 99 cents can lead to the item being undersold before that buyer becomes aware of the item. 


How we handle unsold items

Below are some examples of the reverse auction process for an item valued at $100:

Item Sells on the First Round

Week 1: The item is listed at auction for $110.  There is one bid at the opening bid and the item sells for $110.

Item Sells on the Second Round

Week 1: The item is listed at auction for $110.  The auction ends without any bids.  

Week 2: The item is listed at auction for $100.  Someone bids $100 and on the last day someone else bids $105 and wins the item.

Item Sells on the Third Round

Week 1: The item is listed at auction for $110.  The auction ends without any bids.  

Week 2: The item is listed at auction for $100.  The auction ends without any bids.

Week 3: The item is listed at auction for $92 dollars.  Bidders jump in and the item ends up selling for $102, or even $112. 

It typically takes one to two months to get everything processed and listed for sale.  Your first payout will usually occur three months after we receive your items. 


As far as payout and percentages are concerned, our standard consignment payout is a split % of net sales (50/50). We strive to get you the most money for your collection and given the work needed to go into doing so we are incentivized to do just that. Special collections may be approved for altered rates.  The expected timeline for payouts can be variable depending on several factors such as the size of the collection, and type of items submitted, etc., but most consignments take on average 3-6 months to process and payouts should be expected in the 6-9 month range.

Please give us a call if you would like to discuss your collection further. We can be reached at (631) 532-5797, or If you have any pictures of the collection as a whole or some of the better items so we can make a better initial assessment that would be appreciated. If you could attach them in a future response that would help us get a better idea of your collection as well. If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to ask.


We look forward to working with you.

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