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Blog: My Experience Selling Sports Cards

As my hand felt the cold ice it began the search. The search for another frosty tall boy. To my despair, the treasure chest was empty. That's when I began digging through my closet to find the dusty Reebok shoe box full of old baseball and Pokémon cards. This shoebox has not been opened since the seventh grade, the last time I really sought out baseball cards. My compass pointed at the baseball cards immediately because in the back of my mind, I knew from watching numerous Gary Vee videos, baseball cards hold the greatest value among my assets.

I spent hours admiring these cards one-by-one while I sat on the floor with my back against the wall. After appreciating these cards I sifted through them collecting the cards I knew were of value. I collected all the cards up, placing them inside a two row card box, with the expensive ones sitting in the front of the box. After typing in my google search “how to sell my cards”, SMR Collectibles’ Buying Sports Cards advertisement jumped out at me. I clicked the link bringing me to their reviews. I was happy when the first word of the review I read was “Great,” Another review I scroll to reads “Professional, well organized business,”. I knew this was my best shot at getting the most money for my cards.

The next morning I woke up, I gathered my baseball and Pokémon cards and headed to SMR Collectibles. Placing their address in my GPS, I took the Sagtikos Parkway south to the Southern Parkway West. While heading west and jamming out to It’s Raining Men so loud, the speakers in the back of my 2003 Nissan Atlas nearly vibrated out of the back. I took Exit 34 West to New Highway, I took the left and zipped around the corner. I crossed Route 109 south and passed two sets of street lights before arriving at SMR Collectibles location, which is located on the right hand side. I also noticed their Statue of Liberty like logo which is on the blue sign in front of their building. I turned into the parking lot and walked up to the doors with their logo. I pressed the doorbell and a staff member opened the door and politely greeted me.

The owner himself, Steve Rosenblum, personally sat with me and went through my cards letting me know what every cards value was. Unfortunately, my cards possessed a much greater sentimental value than economic value.

One can imagine the disappointment I felt in learning my cards weren’t worth much. Rosenblum’s honesty gave me a better understanding of my collection. He walked me to my car explaining the card market. We stood at the back of my car discussing cards a bit more before I loaded my collection back in my car and headed home.

On the car drive home I remembered the collection I inherited from my grandfather. I scooped up my grandfather's collection out of my mother’s garage. I called Steve back and he graciously welcomed me to return to his office. My grandfather’s collection held a greater value. It possessed Yankee greats and many MLB Hall of Famers. SMR Collectibles purchased this collection filling my pockets with cash. The owner and staff helped me understand the value of my cards and offered a fair value for my collection. I accepted their offer and have since mentioned SMR to several friends who have sold or consigned their collections.

The money I made from my cards restocked the cooler adjacent to the lawn chair in my apartment with tall boys. I knew it was time to move on from my sports cards. My grandfather passed years ago, but letting go of his baseball cards proved too difficult. As crazy as it may sound, I wanted to ensure these cards were sold to the right person. Someone who would take care of them. Just from walking through SMR Collectibles warehouse to his office, I can tell by the well organized shelving and cleanliness of their warehouse, Steve and his staff cared about the role they played in maintaining the integrity of the cards.

This level of dedication and experience raises the standards within the sports cards and memorabilia industry.

If you have Sports Cards and Memorabilia and are interested in selling your collection, contact SMR Collectibles and their owner, Steve Rosenblum. The experience left me wanting to start another collection of sports cards. If you don’t have their phone number, it’s (631) 532-5797, or you can visit their website, and email them at They made it clear they are always buying.

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