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Tom Brady's Birthday was yesterday, and he Responds to a Twitter Troll from the Giants

Yesterday, August 3rd, Tom Brady, the 6-time Super Bowl champion and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback celebrated his 43rd Birthday. Brady's birthday captured the attention of fans, teammates and other players around the league wishing him a happy birthday.

Michael Strahan also took to Twitter to wish the Buccaneer QB a happy birthday, but managed to work a dig in the post as well. The photo in Strahan's tweet was one of him flexing over Brady during the 2007 Super Bowl.

The GOAT was quick to fire a tweet back at Strahan thanking him for the birthday wishes while sneaking in a dig of his own about longevity compared to 15-year veteran, Michael Strahan.

He's the GOAT for a reason. And, a playoff run deep into the NFC this season with the BUCS will cement him as the Greatest of All-Time, silencing critics and ALL Jets Fans.

Happy Birthday to the GOAT, Tom Brady!

Check out some of the Brady Cards we have below.

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