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Deion "Prime time" Sanders Leaves NFL Network, Joins Barstool Sports.

The pumped up NFL Hall of Fame defensive back shares his excitement for joining Barstool Sports in a video posted on their website. Sanders left the NFL network after being asked to take a pay cut, according to the New York Post, and Dave Portnoy wasted zero time in scooping up the former Dallas Cowboy.

"Prime time" will have his own podcast, "21st and Prime," In addition, he'll appear on "Pardon My Take."

The founder of Barstool, Dave Portnoy, wrote in the blog that their competitors better not bet against them. As the competitive Portnoy continues to adapt and evolve the now $400 Million Dollar blog site.

Watch the video with Deion Sanders as he yells at the camera about being able to connect with the young audience Barstool streams to.

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