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NFL's Best Looking Helmets - All 32 Teams

27. Cleveland Browns

The reason the Cleveland Browns find themselves so high on the list is because it's original. I know, it's just an orange helmet with a stripe down the middle. With that said, it hasn't really changed ever. That orange helmet and brown jersey scream old school football when you see it. They have never put a logo on the helmet. During the '60's and from 2006 to 2008 (alternate uniforms) they did have numbers on the helmet.

The Cleveland Browns Franchise moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens, and the new expansion team became the browns rocking the same logo's, colors, and tradition as the Browns. They could have changed it all, but when you see that helmet, you think of old school football, the fall, tough Ohio ground attacks. It's a staple in the NFL and for that reason alone it climbs to the top of many other ugly helmets.

26. Arizona Cardinals

This helmet is boring, but I appreciate the fact it hasn't really changed a whole lot. It's a plain profile of an animal that forms the shape of a triangle giving it a bit of that fierce look, much like every helmet in the NFL. What sells me on this helmet is the egg shell white helmet. I think the white helmets stand out among the rest in the NFL especially during night games.

25. Houston Texans

As a newer team, they went with bull shape outline filled with a homage to the Texas state flag. It's not a horrible helmet. Though I think they should of used a different color for the shell of the helmet. I also love when NCAA schools use the giant outlines of their states and slap it on the helmet. Texas A&M use a giant state outline of Texas on one of their helmets, which is awesome.

24. New York Giants

The NY vs. GIANTS written across the helmet is debatable. I like the colors on the Helmet and jerseys from the '80's and '90's a little bit more. It's not the worse looking helmet by any means, but I definitely would like to see something a little bit more representative of the Greatest City in the world.

23. Detroit Lions

The Lions have been wearing these silver helmets and blue uniforms forever. They finally added some detail to the Lion on the helmet to give him some of that fierce character. They also added detail to the decal stripes down the middle of the helmet. Placed against the sparkling silver on the helmet, it looks solid. But the throwback uniforms they use for the Thanksgiving day game is just straight up boring. And, it's another profile of an animal. At least it's the full cat and not just a head shot.

22. Los Angeles Chargers

Not sure why so many people rank this helmet so high, but two lightning bolts isn't that impressive. They do have a nice looking color scheme for the new helmets, but the past helmets were ugly and boring as all hell. I like that they went back to the white helmets and yellow face-mask. But they also put some color into the bolts. I feel like everyone is just pushing them down everyone's throat so they don't loose a ton of money moving them to a city that could careless.

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