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Super Bowl Rings - Kansas City Chiefs

As the start of the 2020 NFL season begins this Thursday with the defending champions, the Kansas City Chiefs squaring off against a playoff foe, the Houston Texans, in the prime time opening night of the NFL.

Last week the defending Super Bowl Champions gifted over 700 Super Bowl Rings to the players, coaches and staff of the organization.

Everyone sees the Vince Lombardi trophy being presented at the Super Bowl to the winning team, but the Super Bowl team rings is not something everyone get to see right away. The players don't get them until just before the season begins and don't know how the ring looks until they open the box.

The Kansas City Chiefs rings came out looking absolutely gorgeous and very detailed. On the front it has the 2 marquise cut diamonds symbolizing the Chiefs two Super Bowl Victories. Every NFL team that has won a Super Bowl has the same amount of diamonds as they do Lombardi trophies.

In the Arrowhead there are 60 diamonds which represent the 60 seasons in Chiefs Franchise history. 16 custom cut rubies in the KC represent the franchise's 10 division titles, plus 6 playoff appearances under the head coach Andy Ried. 50 diamonds that surround the rubies and logo signify the 50 years between Super Bowl victories. 122 diamonds cascading around the ring's top edges representing the 100th season of the NFL, plus the team's 22 playoff appearances.

On the side, the ring has the players name in yellow gold. Below it it has the players number set in diamonds. On either side of the the recipient's number are two flags with '69 and '19, the banners representing the two seasons where the Chiefs became Super Bowl Champions. Underneath the number in diamonds is "Be Great", which was the Team's championship seasons motto. Below "Be Great" is 142.2, which is the record decibel rating making Arrowhead stadium the loudest in the world.

On the other side of the ring, Chiefs Kingdom is the Chiefs fan base and forever remembered in yellow gold. 4 Princess cut rubies, on the ring's top corners are symbolic of the Chiefs 4 straight AFC West titles (2016-2019). Below the Chiefs Kingdom, is Super Bowl LIV official Super Bowl Logo flanked by banners displaying the final score KC 31 vs. SF 20.

The attention to detail continues as the inside of the ring shows scores and logos of the three teams they defeated to become Super Bowl Champions. The point deficits overcome on the team's post-season journey to capturing Super Bowl LIV. On the bottom, but inside the ring, the recipients signature is on the inside of the band of the ring. LH inside a football is on the palm of the ring honoring Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt.

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